Ten things you should never have to beg for in a relationship

  1. Time

Begging for time is the most worthless argument in a relationship, spending time with your spouse is a mutual privilege and if one doesn’t do everything they cannot possibly do to spend time with you then I’m sorry to say your relationship is not worth its weight in gold.  Do not ever beg for something that is to your partners benefit too.

2.  Titles

If you are in an adult monogamous relationship and the person you are dating is as funny about something as basic as labeling you as their boyfriend/ girlfriend … Then believe they will be funny about everything… Meeting the parents…  affection in public …. EVERYTHING


This is not for everybody if your partner does not want to be in a committed relationship and is only looking for something simple and casual then respect their honesty. Do not stick around hoping that he/she will change their minds once you’ve proved your worth in gold. You are priceless if commitment is what you are after then be with someone who shares the same ideals as you


If your partner has been explicitly clear that monogamy is not for them, and knowing this you still decide to stay them.  You then give up your right to confront them regarding unfaithful behaviour as you knew their position from the start.  There are plenty of people who respect value and appreciate mutual monogamy. Form long lasting romantic relationships with them if monogamy is what you crave. If not accept your cheating spouse for who they are. Stop confronting them and driving yourself insane by going through the text messages and incriminating photos on social media you blatantly already know are there.  

5.Physical affection

The most joyous benefit of a relationship, everyone enjoys a kiss and a cuddle. If your partner is consistently withholding affection do not think for a second they are not physical people, it purely means they just do not want to be physical with you.  Feeling alone in a relationship is the loneliest feeling in the world far lonelier than being single.

If kisses and cuddles is what you crave, be with someone who carves this too. Never sell yourself short and give your spouse the power to make you feel unwanted, unloved and unattractive.  Being physical with your partner is a mutual privilege and if this is withheld he/she is not the right partner.

6. Financial support

Economic dependency is a subject most singletons and couples that are dating like to avoid.  As a gentleman a man should be willing to financially provide for his spouse, so yes ladies date night is on him each and every time. However do not be afraid to help your man out financially every now and again whilst dating as long as he is a hard working responsible person.  Everyone can get into a rut once in a while. If you and your partner shy away from discussing financial woes then you will feel you cannot depend on each other financially if the need ever arises.  If and when you do get married believe me you will struggle. Be honest and open about your financial expectations from the beginning and never be afraid to discuss money.  You should not ever feel the need to beg  for financial support from a spouse, they should help out willingly.

If you and your partner avoid discussing finances and refuse to help out, then you are in the wrong relationship.

7. Meeting family/ Friends

If you are his/her significant other you should be going to family weddings, friend’s birthdays and yes your mum should know your spouse on a first name basis and place a face to the name.  Why should you feel hidden from your partner’s personal life.

In a mature adult loving relationship your partner should be  proud to show you off to all their family and friends. If they shy away from this you should not have to beg for what should be an automatic privilege of a romantic relationship.  The fact is if they don’t want you to meet their family and friends then you are too good to accept that . Ditch them and be with someone that thinks you are so great they literally cannot wait to introduce you to mum. 

8. Honesty

Always advocate for honesty in a relationship, in fact campaign for it brutal honesty and nothing else. The truth and yes you can handle the truth. Be honest with your partner with how you feel about everything, yes they may know you inside out but they are not mind readers. Tell them how you feel, why you’re happy, sad, disappointed whatever emotion always be honest. This is the only way for both of you to avoid hurting each other because everyone is clear on where they stand. If your partner is continually dishonest with you, it clarifies the lack of respect he/she has for your union and this something you should not ever stand for. Always expect honesty and be with someone who respects you so much lying is completely out of the question.

 9. Love

Naturally incorporating all these principles in your relationship is an acute representation of your love and dedication towards your partner.  However as my pastor has always emphasised the problems we have with love and all its definitions. Love is a decision not an emotion, this is primarily due to emotions always being subject to change.  You can be in love today, and not be in love tomorrow. However as an adult if you decide to love someone you make that decision for life and stick to it. No matter how difficult things get, you stand by your choice, come what may. Believe the bad times will come and you love your partner relentlessly even when you don’t love them. Because that is the decision you made once upon a time.

  1. Marriage

If marriage is your ultimate goal, then ensure to seek a partner that shares the same ideals and notions on marriage as you do. Never fear to discuss marriage even from day one. If you fear talk of marriage will shy your partner away from you then you know deep down your partner will never marry you. Marriage is a beautiful, sacred institution, a blessing from God. Do not ever view marriage as a burden or a negative impact on your relationship. If your partner is reluctant to marry, propose or even set a date after proposal then you are in the wrong relationship. Find a partner who embraces the thought of being with you forever and is willing to take you off the market for good. Do not waste time praying that one day he/she will warm to the idea, instead turn your prayers to focus upon meeting a person that would love nothing more than to marry you tomorrow.  A husband/wife that literally cannot wait to wake up in the morning just to hear what you have to say, even after 30 years and beyond.  


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